Fully Auto Garbage Chute System

Product Details

Fully Auto Trash chutes are to solve disposal problem of waste generated from residential and commercial buildings, Green India chutes are to enhance the quality of life. Green India chutes are designed as a group of interconnected systems that are easy to use, secure and clean.

Chute Sections

  • Ventilation Section
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Weather Cowl
  • Bird / Insect Screen
  • Central Cleaning
  • Floor & Intake Section
  • Intake Doors & hoppers
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Intake Throat Section
  • Connecting Pipes
  • Discharge Section
  • Trolleys
  • Single Sorter
  • Central Control Panel
  • Fire Discharge Gate

Operation Scheme of Manual Garbage Chute

  • All doors are electronically locked at any given time.
  • User selects "Dry" or "Wet" options on selection panel next to door
  • Chute converts to respective mode "Dry" or "Wet" by rotating flap door in the garbage room
  • Only door where the selection is made is unlocked and Garbage bag goes into the respective trolley.
  • Meanwhile, all other doors are electronically locked flashing “Busy” indicator.
  • Pull the door and throw trash in the door.
  • Trash piles up at the bottom of the chute
  • System is reset for next use once the door is closed
  • All trash collect by the single Trash trolly at garbage room
  • Low cost method of controlling and disposing waste

Advantages of Chutes

  • Buildings for timely waste collection
  • Standard Electric Components
  • Chute door interlocking provided.
  • Quick response time when changing positions
  • Easy to use control stations located at each door
  • Safety & Security
  • Widely used all over the world
  • Reduces manpower
  • Reduces Power consumption
  • Garbage disposal with ease utmost hygiene
  • Modular Design
  • LED indicators for each floor

Garbage Chute Etiquette

  • Loose items should not be disposed of in a chute. Items should be bagged and securely tied.
  • Large bags, those that don’t easily fit through the door, should not be placed in a chute. These should be taken to the main trash room for the building.
  • Items should not be left in the chute room, either on the floor or inside the chute door. Items placed in the chute door should be pushed through the opening so they drop down the chute.
  • Avoid placing large items such as Christmas trees or unbound corrugated boxes in a chute. Large items block a chute and prevent it from being used until the blockage is cleared.
  • Burning cigarettes, cigars or flammable items should not be placed in a chute system.
  • Burning cigarettes, cigars or flammable items should not be placed in a chute system.